I am sick of people thinking deodorant is optional

i’m sick of people thinking that they can judge others on a normal bodily function and that the only way they can be accepted is to wear something that is harmful/poisonous to your body. just because some men in the 1880’s decided bodily odor was no longer acceptable. 

bitch you stink 

Everytime I read something stupid I think “im so glad I don’t live anywhere near you”

People: no fair you speak english because your stepdad is american
Me: no, you fuck, i speak english because since i was 5 i started familiarizing with the lenguage, i used to watch movies in english with no subtitles, i always listened to music in english, talked to people when ever i could, i watch american channels on tv or change them to english when im able to, my facebook is in english since forever, everything i do is english related, my dad didn’t taught me shit, all i now is because of my effort

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madoka kaname bow l review  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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